Are you a USA or North American Chemical, Sanitation or JanSan manufacturer searching for the best sales distribution or a Chemical, Sanitation or JanSan exporter, importer or broker to help you with sales in Asia, predominantly in South Korea or China, then PTC Foods could be your perfect partner. If you have product in food safety which helps combat, E coli, Salmonella, liseria, SARS or Avian Bird flu, PTC Foods could be your best partner.

We are a full service Chemical, Sanitation or JanSanproducts and technology sales and marketing company. While we handle a lot of services similar to an importer, import-export broker or customs agent and distributor, we are significantly more than that. We are your partner in creating long term sales relationships for your best Chemical, Sanitation or JanSan products, and work hand in hand with Korean and Chinese R&D teams to help them develop products for their markets.

How Can We Help

If you are searching for the best trading partner with an American, South Korean and China office and a specialized Chemical, Sanitation or JanSan ingredient knowledge, PTC Foods might be your best option.

Our expert team has been working in the food ingredient business for over 25 years and our company in operation for more than 35 years, supporting and providing the best food ingredient, food sanitation and food industry knowledge and products to our Asian partners.

We not only sell your products, but we are your billing party, so you don’t have to worry about payment or overseas transactions.

We help provide product for QSR, manufacturing, dairy, yogurt and poultry processors.

Our Services

Our services include not only food ingredient sourcing, research, purchase, sales,
distribution, regulatory and marketing, but also assistance with food import and export.

We are more than just that though.

PTC Foods also offers a range of exclusive client services, including

Private Presentations

Biannual private food trend presentations in target Asian countries.

Weekly Updates

Interactive website that provides weekly updated food trends and profiles.

Tradeshow Assistance

Program available for select clients.

Market Sampling

Program available for select clients.

Contact us now to see how we can help you expand your Chemical, Sanitation or JanSan business into Asia.

How We Compare

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