Ingredient Sourcing & Procurement

Our main business focus is in food ingredient sourcing and procurement. Our goal is to properly align the goals of both supplier and customer. We partner with suppliers with stringent production and product quality standards to ensure that we supply only the highest quality ingredients and/or products to our clients. We take into consideration the size/opportunity of each project and select the most suitable supplier for that project.

Through our experienced staff, we are able to determine competitive advantages for products in specific regions and provide recommendations on their purchasing decisions depending on their goals. Over the past thirty years, we developed a strong network of suppliers in the USA, Europe and South America that can match customers’ product specifications or sales goals. We are constantly building and reevaluating our supplier network to provide a wide variety of food ingredients and products.

Unlike an agent or broker, we act as both the customer and an international marketing arm to our supplier partners. We provide assistance on logistics, claims, marketing and local in-country customer service support (in South Korea). We are the single point-of-contact between the customer and supplier; we foster and facilitate the business relationship from both sides to ensure a cohesive partnership between all parties. We offer insights on potential cultural barriers and actively look for new opportunities to service our partners.

Export Management

Not only do we supply ingredients to our customers, we also work closely with our freight forwarder partners to ensure the best logistic services from pickup to the agreed destination. We mitigate potential risks based on decades of experience to critically analyze and advise you of best practices; from freight type to regulatory compliance. We exercise attention to detail and clear communication across the entire freight path.

We have experience with both air and ocean shipments including: LCL (less than container load), FCL (full container load), dry, cold supply chain (refrigerated and frozen) and HAZMAT. Our Baltimore office handles thousands of shipments annually, ranging from bulk containers from the USA to Asia to complex drop ships in the continental USA.

If you need a partner to manage your logistics, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Market Research & Consulting

We are passionate about our projects; it requires dedication and constant collaboration with our partners’ R&D, sales and logistic teams to provide the best solution for our clients. We review food research papers and reports to stay ahead of industry trends; attend several industry trade shows annually; and work with our global supplier network to provide innovative ingredients, packaging ideas and marketing concepts to help our customers create successful retail products.

With offices in both the USA and Asia, we provide in-depth, real time information on “local” markets, including regulatory compliance. This in-house knowledge allows us to advise customers on various aspects of their project’s life cycle.

We use our network of industry resources to generate our own independent analysis and conduct various market studies including taste test panels upon request. This is a value-added service that we provide to our customers in addition to product development and procurement.

Market Sample Program

We offer a unique sample purchasing service for those who are interested in keeping up-to-date with U.S. food and beverage trends. This is particularly beneficial for R&D or Marketing teams to visualize innovative food, packaging or marketing concepts in the U.S. and apply these insights to their new projects.

We work closely with our customers throughout the whole process, providing them with periodic updates on new products in the market, receiving sample requests, arranging logistics, and providing periodic market research reports. If this would be a beneficial service to you, please contact us.

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