Cocoa Powder

Our portfolio includes premium cocoa powders varying in flavor, color and fat content for every application. Our cocoa powders are produced from only the highest quality cocoa beans in state-of-the-art facilities in cocoa growing regions throughout the world. Our suppliers have been producing cocoa powders for over 50 years and can offer invaluable insights on local markets and application expertise. They use Dutch processing and blending technology with strict product safety standards, which create high-quality, consistent cocoa powders.

We offer a variety of colors, ranging from light brown to red to black. Cocoa powders can also be blended to provide a customized product that will meet customer’s specifications. We work closely with our partner’s R&D team to find the perfect match for clients’ end product. Single origin powders are also available.

Available Types:
- Natural or Alkalized

- Cookies
- Brownies
- Cakes
- Bread
- Baked Snacks
- Snack Bars




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