Dried Fruit & Vegetables

We offer a variety of fruit and vegetable products to enhance color, nutrition and/or flavor to your bakery or snack application. Our leading suppliers adapt drying/freezing techniques to the needs for product-specific applications, varying from fruits to herbs and vegetables. Each product, from seed to shipping, is carefully monitored to ensure to highest quality ingredients possible. Customized flavors and blends are also available upon request and discussion on minimum order quantities.

If you are looking for a product to be diced, pureed or coated, we can help you locate the products you need as well. Manufacturers should ensure their products are consistently sourced and processed. Our long term partnerships should help you ensure not just best pricing, but highest long term quality.

- Strawberry
- Cranberry
- Blueberry
- Raisin
- Date
- Fig
- Cherry
- Apple

- Asparagus
- Broccoli
- Celery
- Corn
- Carrots
- Sweet Potato
- Squash

Available Forms
- Whole
- Sliced
- Diced
- Paste
- Powder (drum, freeze or air dried powders)

- Dessert
- Bakery Mixes
- Breakfast Cereals
- Snack Mixes
- Stand Alone Snacks


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