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PTC FOODS: A Division of PTC International, Inc.

Founded in 1980, PTC International has one singular goal: to be the best partner of food and sanitation suppliers in the Americas and Asia.

For us, this means more than being an "international shipping broker", but assisting in all facets of ongoing transactions: from research, to production to packaging and forecasting. It requires us to understand cultural and language nuance as well as agricultural growing, alternative methodologies and current production trends. With offices in China, the USA and South Korea we believe we are well positioned to understand the developing world economy and help create efficiencies and quality standards that will allow our partners to grow.

We believe our unique value-added insights enable our partners to concentrate on those things which they do best. This comes from reliability and trust; ultimately it comes from years of doing the right things.

Our improved PTC Foods website will be launching in 2015!

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USA: 443.682.9127
345 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

KOREA: 02.6968.1250